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Internet and Email Fraud

At Varsity Strategic Management, we take the security of client information very seriously. All of our systems and process have been developed to ensure that our client's confidential information is never compromised. We also demand the same commitment from all of our service providers. Information security is a must. However, it is also important that our clients ensure that they are protecting their own information as well. Identity theft and Internet "phishing" campaigns are becoming more and more prevalent and we must all do the best we can to protect valuable information such as passwords, login names, account numbers, etc.


Currently, there are various emails in circulation claiming to have been issued by banks and or investment firms requesting customers to verify their personal and/or banking information. Customers are asked to click on a link in the email that directs them to a pop-up window or modified online banking login page to enter their respective Bank's login ID and password.


Varsity Strategic Management has not sent and will not send email messages to customers requesting confidential information. Please do not act on any such emails as you may compromise your banking information by following links to counterfeit internet site(s).

If you are concerned that you have received a fraudulent email, disclosed any confidential information, or if you have any concerns about security, please contact VSM immediately at:


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