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For many clients the use of an International Business Corporation (IBC) may be appropriate. An IBC is a holding company that becomes the registered owner of the investment account set up and managed through Varsity Strategic Management. VSM can facilitate the establishment of an IBC in many different jurisdictions for a reasonable fee.


Although the IBC is usually located in a tax-free jurisdiction, the shareholders of the company must comply with the legal and tax requirements of their place of residence. An IBC can be used in conjunction with a trust structure or as a separate entity. The company can enter into transactions with third parties with relative ease because it is a separate legal entity and a familiar vehicle for day-to-day business in the offshore world.


We will assist clients in choosing a jurisdiction and a corporate service provider. Information regarding the purpose of the company, compliance information on the principals, directors and shareholders of the company will be required. VSM works with several different corporate service providers in order to give our clients access to the best range of corporate services, including the incorporation and administration, provision of local directors and officers, provision of registered office and corporate secretarial services and all facets of active business support. All IBCs also have full access to comprehensive banking, investment and trust services through VSM and its strategic partners.


Active Business Planning

Today, more than ever, corporations are expanding into foreign markets to stay competitive. It comes as no surprise that global "tax minimization planning" has become equally competitive.


VSM is committed to helping clients develop efficient and effective international corporate structures. For businesses looking to expand their international presence or considering a move into international markets, foreign affiliate planning is essential. VSM works with many different tax and legal advisors to ensure that you develop the right foreign affiliate strategy.