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Who needs International Planning?

It is important to understand that international financial planning is not required by everyone. However, for people that live outside of their home country or operate an international business, doing the right international planning is essential.


Generally the clients of Varsity Strategic Management fall into one of two categories: They are either resident in their home country but have specific business or personal reasons that require them to invest abroad; or they have left their home country and are now expatriates that require a more international focus to their investment and planning options.



Depending on where you live, there may be some very compelling tax and legal reasons to have at least part of your assets located and managed in another jurisdiction.

Some of these reasons include:


Asset Protection

If a client has significant net worth (usually US$1 million or greater) and wants a portion of their estate protected from claims of creditors, including family members, then an Asset Protection Trust ("APT") is a suitable vehicle. The primary consideration should be asset protection and not tax avoidance.


Planning to Leave Your Home Country to Work or Retire

If you are planning to work or retire outside of your home country within the next five years, you should plan your financial affairs well ahead of time. VSM can assist with making this move.


Concerned About Economic or Political Stability

Individuals that lack confidence in their government or are concerned about the economic conditions of their country often look to invest offshore. They are concerned with possible loss of purchasing power, the introduction of exchange controls or wealth transfer taxes.


International Inheritance

Often when families have relatives that live in two or more countries there can be some very negative tax consequences if the proper estate planning is not done ahead of time. VSM works with the appropriate tax and legal planners to help families minimize, and in some cases eliminate, taxes that can occur on an international inheritance.



Leaving your home country can be stressful enough without having to worry about your financial affairs. Varsity Strategic Management makes it easy. Whether you are working abroad or have decided to retire to a sunnier climate, VSM can help you to transition your financial affairs away from your home country to a suitable and safe international jurisdiction. The principals of VSM can provide first hand experience and know-how when it comes to expatriate planning.


Our consulting services include:
  • Assessing overseas employment contracts setting up bank accounts
  • International credit cards
  • Wills and estate planning
  • Severing ties with your home country
  • Tax equalization
  • Multi-currency investment policies
  • Dealing with elderly parents
  • Sending children to school abroad
  • Repatriation

VSM will work with your existing tax and legal advisors to develop and execute an expatriate plan that works best for you. For more information please contact